Boek Maurice als spreker

I love to talk to groups of people. Connect with them, inspire them. I’ve always been intrigued by the theater world and started acting at a young age. And never stopped doing it.

Talking to an audience is not a one-way direction. I want to connect to the audience. I want to know what they are looking for. Why are they there? What are they hoping to get out of it? Only then I can be sure my message will reach them. I love talking about inspiring subjects like Personal Development, happiness and communication.

Want to learn it yourself? Do you want to become a Badass in Public Speaking?

These next talks are off the shelve talks I can present to your audience. If you want a tailor-made talk, please let me know in the contact form, so we can take that into account when making the offer.


  • How do you find ‘yourself’?
  • Who am I and how do I know I’m sure?
  • Learn a new skill by surrendering
  • Get every day to bed smarter than the day before
  • They made me leader without me knowing.
  • Follow to be a better leader
  • You’re not a leader in your business, you are a leader!

Tailor-made talks for your own event and theme can be offered too.


  • How do you discover your happiness gap?
  • What is my number 1 tool I need in life?
  • Find the love of your life
  • Connect through communica… what?
  • Find the bad boy in any nice guy
  • Why should I care about philosophy?
  • I do yoga, what’s your excuse?
  • How to be in control over your own happiness (TED talk)

Tailor-made talks for your own event and theme can be offered too.

Communication and public speaking

  • What you say without saying
  • The words do matter
  • Speak the language your audience understands
  • I always lie. No, really, I do.
  • Kill the presentation. And Powerpoint.
  • The sound of silence
  • Micro-expression, the new human lie detector

Tailor-made talks for your own event and theme can be offered too.

Talking at the TEDx Târgu Mures 2017 conference in Transylvania, Romania.

If you want me to talk at your inspiring event, please contact me and we’ll put our schedules together so I can make you an offer. Please provide us with some info about the event, in the contact form.  Default talks are between 12 and 30 minutes long. Prices are between € 500 and € 1500 per talk or event. Contact me for an offer you can’t refuse!

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