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mei 31, 2017

Mastery is not the challenge. The road to mastery is. Here is why.

The second edition of the Modern Warrior Meetup (MWM) – the spring edition – was a great success! Thanks to the inspiring story of Wilco den Brok, founder of PDTalks. His history brought him to where he is today, helping people in their personal development. Now – can I relate to that!

Now – can I relate to that!

That is exactly what happened with me too. And with you too. You are the product of your history and that brought you to today. Are you satisfied when you look in the mirror? I hope you are. But that might seem like an impossible task, as the inner critic will always find something to whine about, right?

And it doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong, there is always room for improvement. On whatever topic in your life. So that is the question you can ask yourself. What area do you need improvement?

For many people that itself is the hard question. If you did succeed to answer it, it becomes even more challenging. What is the first thing you are going to do to get closer to that goal? What is the path you are about to go on to achieve a new set goal?

Just like a Modern Warrior, you will start your journey with courage, looking for your mastery level. So you as a Modern Warrior might want to join us in our Meetups too. The next one is planned for June 26th. Let your path cross with all other Modern Warriors to exchange power, inspiration and energy! See you the 26th!

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