Rotary makes a difference, now you can too!

Last Saturday I was a guest at the annual Rotary Amsterdam International fundraising Gala to have an auction for the Sjaki-Tari-Us Project to make education possible for mentally disabled children in Bali.

I’ve been a guest at Rotary Amsterdam International before and I was impressed by the open and warm welcome everybody gave me. So I decided, when I heard about this project I wanted to contribute to that too. I donated 3 hours of coaching to be auctioned at this great fundraising dinner.

Little did I know how much that would benefit everyone. Within seconds de bidding was going to be the highest amount of the evening for a coaching session. A total amount of € 400,- was the final bid and I am happy with that contribution to the cause in Bali. For this I’m happy to spend my time with the bidder and coach them on public speaking. Helping out two times makes it all worth it!

On May 13th I will have the same conditional donation to, in that case, a project from Rotary Den Haag.  They support the project “The power to heal”, solar panels for Global Hospital & Research Center, Mount Abu in India.

Of course, the 400 is great, but I think we all can get a bit extra there. So I thought of something extraordinary and cool.

You can bid too!

If you want to be part of this, you can. You can start bidding already. Fill out the form below with your exclusive bid.

If you are living near Den Haag and you have the highest bid, you will get to go with me and place that bid during the auction on may 13th. If you aren’t able to join me because you live abroad, I’ll hook you up with an extra hour of coaching if you win the bidding during the actual auction.

To make it a bit more interesting though, the bid you will place should be more than € 400,-! And if you want to be sure you will win, be generous!

Remember, you will get exclusive hours of personal coaching from me (3 in person if you’re in The Netherlands and you will join me during the black tie Gala, or 4 hours via a skype session if you live anywhere else in the world).

This is an exclusive chance of a lifetime!

You only pay when you are winning the bid and will be able to put the bid out in real life if you join me (I’ll have someone do the bidding for you if you aren’t there).

So what do you loose? Nothing. You can win my undivided time and you’ll support this great project during this gala.

Like I said, a chance of a lifetime!

So, fill in the form below and start bidding! (If you place your bid, I will contact you to verify your bidding. The bidding will be anonymous unless you want to be mentioned when you win).



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