Masterin’ Seduction

Welcome to the part where I will learn you all there is to know about seduction.

You will become a Master In Seduction, that’s why the program is called Masterin’ Seduction.

This program is a personal coaching program. So that means that you and I get to meet in person. We will first do an intake, so I get to know your goals. What is your biggest fear, obstacle, problem, and what do you want to achieve.

Then we will make a plan together on how to attack these obstacles and problems and overcome them. So you will learn how to seduce a man or a woman.

Now I do say both. That is because I coach both man and women. So it doesn’t matter who you are or what your preference is. If it is an adult human being, I can help you with that.

So, how long are we going to take for this? Well that depends on a couple of things. Like your experience and how fast you will pick it up.

My experience is that this will take an average of 7 to 9 weeks. You learned the theory, did a lot of practice (also a big part of the coaching sessions are going to be ‘out there’), so you know what the instruments and tools are and how they work. You will start your Mastery then. By executing. Every day, for the rest of your life. Because that has become your new default. It is who you truly are. And the good thing is: you are still who you are today, but your behavior will be different so you can actually be the best version of yourself.

“So what is your price for all of this?”  I hear you. 

You will get Personal Coaching. The time we spend on ‘you’ is completely exclusive for you. You will get the best form of support we can offer. We will work for 7 weeks with you and in those 7 weeks, you will go through a life changing transition.

The time we spend is over 22 hours within 7 weeks. This sort of time spend on you personally, could cost tens of thousands euros. Some coaches charge over 500(!) euros an hour, because they want to remain ‘exclusive’. We don’t work like that. I keep my rate within the reason. So anyone can afford this. Therefore, I can offer this 7 weeks, 22 hours of coaching program for a shockingly low price of only € 2.900,-!

You may pay it also in two terms of € 1.500,- or in three terms of € 1.100,-. Whatever suits you best.  I decided for this summer we should have a summer break discount! The weather is good, hormones flying around, and just becaue I’m in a good mood, I’m going to give you a discount you can not believe!

Until October 1st you will not pay the original € 2.900,-.  I will practically start giving them away for only € 1.997,-!! That’s more than 30% off!! This is you chance to make a difference for yourself! 

You also may be invited to one of our seminars, for free, as a VIP guest. Every month I will randomly pick one of you to come to the next seminar. So you’ll make a chance of winning this special VIP treatment too.

Still, I understand € 1.997 can be a lot of money for some of you. Of course, you could decide not to do this and go on a vacation ‘you so need to have’, or buy that awesome flatscreen TV. Sure. But remember, buying stuff makes money worth less. Investing in your knowledge and your life, you end up richer than before. So invest in yourself and you will gain from that the rest op your life!

So start making a change now and Contact me. We’ll get you a man or woman! Never settle again with mediocre relations. Get the best you deserve. Master in Seduction. You’ll be it.

(By contacting me you won’t be charged. Only after we agreed on setting up a meeting that 22 hours will start going, starting with our first meeting. You will then receive an invoice that you can pay within 30 days). 

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