Master Seduction & Public Speaking

PUBLIC SPEAKING DEBUNKED                                                    SEDUCTION DEBUNKED

Seduction and Public Speaking, it couldn’t get any more differentiated couldn’t it?

Seduction? As in dating, love, sex, pick up artists, isn’t that a ‘certain scene’?

And then Public Speaking: We think of managers, suits, commercial, big events,

Well, both are true. Seduction is about finding love, sex, a partner (or multiple if you prefer that), but it is also about being charming, positive, connecting with people, knowing when to talk and when to listen, create trust and be a good, pleasant person to be around with.

Just like Public Speaking is the art of making a connection to the audience, charm the audience so they can trust you, be inspiring with your positive attitude, know what to say to them and therefore know who your audience is and what they need from you (so you need to listen first).

Get the idea?

The parallel is more obvious than you think.

If you are a great public speaker, you have the same skills as a Casanova that knows how to seduce someone of the opposite sex.

And therefore, being both, I can teach you both. The main difference: group dynamic.

Seducing someone from the opposite sex is most of the time a one-on-one process (or maybe a small group you need to conquer first). Public speaking is about seducing the whole room with your story and presence. So individual vs (large)group dynamic.

All the basics? Pretty much the same. It’s about knowing your story, be confident about yourself, knowing how body language works, how to frame the content for your audience, the capability to improvise, to think fast and act faster and be okay with any outcome.

Sure, the details are totally different. So that is where the differences come to play, and that is why I did split it in two parts. But on a general level, they are the same.

So what’s your focus area?

Are you going for the one-on-one seduction? Proceed then please here.

Or do you want to know how I debunked Public Speaking? Be welcome here. 

Enjoy the trip down the rabit hole. They both are one. You may thank me later!

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