I am Maurice Zondag, Personality Coach and International Speaker.

I help people in finding and creating their own happiness .

“You are the wisest of us two. Only you can decide what makes you happy. All I can do is to help you find the right direction.”

I do that through coaching and training. For more info on personal coaching check the “Getting your shit together in 7 weeks program”.

I also do a lot of international public speaking. I love to be on stage and interact with the audience about finding and creating your happiness. Talking about inspiring subjects like personal development, leadership, happiness and communication so the audience learns about the possibilities they have. In February 2017 I have been speaking at TEDx Targu Mures, Romania, about ‘the 5 sources of happiness’.

I love my acting group in Leiden where I act, direct and write for local theater productions and doing some voice acting at InterVoiceOver.com.

I am a philanthropist in the etymological sense, a self-made man and am on a mission. A mission to give the world all the good I received. To make people happy and fulfilled in their life. To entertain people, make them think and inspire.

You may contact me at any time. Let me see how I can help you.

I send my love to you. You may keep it or pass it on. It’s your choice, like everything is in life.

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