Business Process Management

Every company has them. Processes.

But what’s the reason why we have them and how can we make sure these processes work in our benefit?

We have processes, so  we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. So we know ‘what’ to do when a situation occurs. For all the work that happens all day long, day in day out, it’s easy to make sure we all know what our role is in that agreement-of-work.

When we know our role, we can act on it. We know our responsibilities, so we can measure the output. We understand the relationships between the roles (either the humans or IT/machines that execute them) so we can make sure we meet our (quality) standards, KPI’s and targets.

Getting to know in detail how your processes look like will help you in many ways.

  1. They will be manageable, because we know who does what at what moment in time,
  2. They will be controllable, because we know what we expect
  3. They will be executable because we know what to do at what time.
  4. You can create improvements on the processes based on the outcome, so you can increase your result
  5. You will create control over your company’s result, because you know exactly what is happening.

To make sure this is all happening, you need to create insight in your processes.

If you want to be in control over your company, you first need to know how the company works. In detail described in processes work instructions, up to strattegic architecture so you can define your desired outcomes and let that architecture make sure the executed process is aligned.

Only then you will be able to be fully in control over your company and create the result that you had in your vision!

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