Addaptability vs strength

“A tree that will bend with the wind, won’t break”

It’s not the strongest that survives. It’s the one who can adapt the best that will. It is a law of nature and therefore this decision I had to make wasn’t a hard one. I decided to stop working with the brand label of Modern Samurai.

It was June 19th 2016. It was my birthday. Since my 40th birthday I throw epic birthday parties and this was another one that stated new standards for birthday parties. It lasted 24 hours, to honor the 24-hour race of Le Mans that was held in that exact same weekend. As a motorsports lover I could combine my passion for racing and celebrating my 43rd birthday.

Anyway, on this date, June 19th 2016 the brand name Modern Samurai popped into my head. It must have been the combination of alcohol, no sleep for 37 hours and a deeply, philosophical discussion with my brother and my cousin at 4 am in the morning, that we came to the coolest name ever: Modern Samurai. I would be teaching men (the primary target group of my online training programs) how to become ‘a modern samurai warrior’.

And I went full blown with it. I registered the company name at the beginning of October after getting everything ready for the launch. And I launched. Man, did I launch…

Skipping forward to one month ago. I am standing on a stage in a beautiful Transylvanian city Târgu Mures, and the stage is a TEDx one. Since then it has been crazy. People really connected with the talk, the pictures and hopefully soon the video as well.

The first clients are a fact, international attention, ideas from Budapest to Barcelona, Amsterdam to Paris, Bruxelles to Romania. I realized I had to change something. The brand name Maurice Zondag just became much bigger within one month then the name Modern Samurai did in half a year.

So I decided two things. I will stop with dividing my attention to two brands that, in the end, do exactly the same. And two, I will change my focus from National (only Dutch content) to English and thus internationally. My target group suddenly exploded from 2 million to 2 billion.

So ‘hi’. If you’re one of them.

Here at (.nl and works too – hey, I do am still a Dutchie) I will be with my full attention for you. Blogging, shooting video content (we already rebranded the YouTube Channel!) and creating awesome online products that can help you find and create happiness. Because that is what my mission is. To teach as many people how they can take control back to their happiness in life.

By doing that as a Personality Coach in one-on-one sessions (in real life or via Skype) or in small groups, as a keynote speaker at different events (I’m on stage for over 30 years already – yes I started acting when I was a teenager), and with scalable online training videos.

So. That said, please tell me what you were looking for when you came to this page? Send me a note via the contact form and I will read and answer it personaly. There is already a ton of info on the website, some (Dutch) video’s that might help you, and some cool events I’ll be attending where we could meet up.

I do hope you grow into a Modern Samurai Warrior. A modern warrior that is ready for this interesting world we live in today.  Enjoy that day. I know I will.

Talk soon!

– Maurice

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