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The summer was hot in 1973. June 19th would become the most important day in my life. At 5.14 pm I came into this world in the peaceful city Zeist, near Utrecht, The Netherlands. The firstborn for my parents Rob and Wil Zondag. 3 years later my brother Michael joined the family and in that same year, we moved to the beautiful city of Leiden, right in between Den Haag and Amsterdam, 20 km from the coast of the North Sea. We all live there still today, it was a wise move.

Fast forward many years, where I was grown into adulthood and learned my first lessons in life. Don’t follow my dream to be an actor, but be wise and go to school, learn a profession and be good at that. So I did. I studied Marketing and worked in Sales for many years. The theater world was still part of my life since I have been creating and acting for more than 30 years now.

After many years in sales, where I learned all the tricks and traits about communication, NLP, psychology, persuasion, negotiation and so on, I changed career and became a consultant. The commercial side of me alway stayed within me, and working as a consultant made sales even easier. But consultancy brought something else to the table. Helping people, genuine helping them, was something I felt very good about. Teaching people, mentoring, guiding, inspiring them, it all made sense.

So after my divorce, when I came out of that marriage wiser then I got into it, I decided I wanted it all to make more sense. I had all this experience, I read so many books, talked to so many people, my head was filled with a modeled idea, that needed to come out. And so I started to work on the model of the 5 sources of happiness. This was 2015. I wrote a book about one of the sources, love, and more particular about how men learn to seduce a woman, and started the company Modern Samurai. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy and thought process of the ancient Samurai Warrior and the connected Bushido, made me realize the model made sense. People would benefit from it, just like I had in the years after my divorce.

Being the stage addict I was for many years, I started to do more public speaking at events. I made new friends, found new mentors, and went on building my capital of inspiration. I started to teach people how to find and create their own happiness. Since I started learning about health and the role ketones play in that, I also embraced the ketolifestyle with exogenous ketones to stay on track of my health and help others achieve their health goals too. In real life with one on one coaching sessions, and online with different video training programs within my company Modern Samurai, internationally under the label of Master Your Personality and in Dutch here on my personal page MauriceZondag.nl

And that is what I love doing today. Next to my other job I hold as a team leader and consultant for an IT company, I also like to play music and sing, play a couple of games of tennis during the week and enjoy the social time with my family and friends.

Live life with love. Love the life you live.

Create your own life by the choices you encounter with. Make the decision wisely as you have only one chance. One meeting means one chance. Or as the ancient Samurai called it: Ichi Go Ichi E.

My name is Maurice Zondag and I look forward to meeting you!

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