april 16, 2017

How to dress like a peacock

In The Netherlands, we have a saying which translates as ‘to dress up Easter best’. Probably coming from our Calvinistic history where we had to dress up before going to church at Easter. Since it is Easter right now, I got the think about this expression and why it is important to dress up.

You know, dressing up is a bit of peacocking. In nature, we see that all the time. The peacock is a good example for it. “Look at me how big and beautiful I am!” And we humans do that too. Not only the female part of our society, with their makeup, jewelry, and fancy dresses, but us men do it too.  Big watches, arm bracelets, sunglasses, growing your beard or mustache, it all comes down that we want to look good. Because when you look good, your chance for offspring increases, right?

We like the way the world perceives us when we dress up. You will notice people will appreciate if you dress up. For them or for an occasion, or just to appreciate who you are. Superficial? Not at all, it is our nature.

Sure, I hear you think, I don’t care how people perceive me, I just happen to like to wear sweatpants and baggy shirts. And that is all right. As a matter of fact, by doing that, you confirm to belong to a group, a subculture. Hipsters, skaters, dandy’s, Provo’s, hippies, it is from all ages. So even if you don’t dress up with a sports jacket or a suit, you still dress up to belong to a style group or a subculture. A subculture where like minded people appreciate the way you look.

You will not only be treated differently, but you will feel differently too. That is the peacocking effect happening there. Men and women will perceive you different. You will notice that particularly women, will look at you more, and men will respect you more because they see a strong competition there. Now how could you think that won’t affect the way you feel, right? Of course, you will feel better. You can conquer the world! It is your world now. You’re the biggest, prettiest peacock in town now.

So it is important to dress up. Look the best you can, always.

Sure, a lazy Sunday with the curtains closed and staying indoors is great. Sometimes. But when you start living and go out doing things, socializing, having fun, work, whatever it is where you encounter other people too, dress up. Never skip a beat. You will notice people will treat you different. Like I said, they will perceive you as different and that will make you feel different too. And that will work so effectively, that when you dress up even when you stay at home, you will still feel the best you can!

So for all men out there (because they need it the most girls, you know what I mean right?) get out there, shave and groom, go get a decent haircut, buy a pocket square to up game your suit, take care of your shoes, and own your dressed up style. You will not only be treated different, but you will feel different as well.

It isn’t very hard to up your game a bit by the way. Take care of yourself and your clothing. And if you can, buy some new, well fitting, clothes that can improve your style. You don’t have to be rich to look good.

Need help with that? No worries, as a personality coach I also help men to get their style improved. Just reach out and we’ll step up your style!

Happy Easter, and I hope you look Easter-best today!


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How to dress like a peacock

How to dress like a peacock

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