How to be in Control over your own Happiness | Maurice Zondag | TEDxTârguMureș

On February 17th I was invited to the Romanian TEDx conference in TârguMureș to come talk about my methodology: the 5 sources of happiness. You could have read about the trip right here on the blog, where I shared this amazing experience. Been on many stages, the TED stage was still one on my bucket list. Why? Because I love their vision of spreading ideas worth spreading. It’s about honest and genuine experiences that people share on this stage. I’ve been watching TED talks for years and it has been a tremendous inspiration to do what I do today.

So being invited to this platform was truly an honor for me.

And therefore I am so proud to now be able to share with you, my idea worth spreading. Here is my talk: How to be in Control over your own Happiness, recorded at TEDxTârguMureș 2017.

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