maart 31, 2017

Unique concept reveiled

One of my mentors is Tail Lopez, a successful internet entrepreneur.  He taught me this great insight: “We learn from our mistakes. But who said it had to be our own mistakes?”

See, that’s where ‘knowledge from others’ comes from. Books, teachers, parents, mentors, they all have one thing in common: they made the mistakes you can learn from. 

Books is the easiest one. Read. A lot. You are able to learn from all the great minds in the world. Pretty much for free. Or at least at a minimum of expenses. Now, reading is already been taken care of, let’s take a look at the concept op mentors.

A mentor is someone who is where you want to be. In particularly your personal development, growth, or whatever you call it. He or she can teach you the lessons they learned. And now with the internet you can pretty much have any one as a mentor.

The best mentors though, are the ones you meet in real person, not via internet. You can see how they walk, how they talk, and how they act. How do they respond to the waitress, how do they act with you around. But then the question rizes: how do you find yourself a mentor?

You need to know that anyone can be a mentor to you. As long as they can learn you something. As long as they been where you are and are where you want to be.

Still, how do you find someone like that? Easy. Come to the Speed mentoring event. On April 13th there will be a new event where you can easily find yourself a mentor.

Speed Mentoring is taking 5 mentors of different professional areas to coach and advise the participants. With a collaborative set-up, the event will provide the participants a chance to interact directly with the mentors. So you will be able to see how they act, how they walk and how they talk.

Join us at this unique event on April 13th. Just check the facebook page for more details.

Take this easy opportunity to find yourself a mentor. And start learning from our mistakes. I guarantee they were terrible mistakes, so lot to learn for you!

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