februari 21, 2017

Getting your shit together

We all have those moments in our lives. Where you know that things just aren’t right. It can be in your love life, a situation at work, feeling too busy because you have to run a household and do a job and have to run for errands every single day… whatever it is, you know you ‘ain’t got your shit together’ at the moment.

Don’t you hate that?

I do. So I figured I need to do something with that.  Those things will just keep hunting you down. It doesn’t matter how much you procrastinate, at the end they always bite you in the ass. Right?


So that is why I set up the ‘Get Your Shit Together In 7 Weeks’ program. It will kick ass with the shit in your life.

Do you want to improve your love life? Let’s improve your love life!

Want to improve your communications skills so you can finaly nail that corporate presentation they want you to give!

Want to learn to say no to the people you  love without pissing them off (au contraire, they will respect you for that!)?

Anything that is keeping you down, is nailing you to the ground, anything that is holding you back from being happy with who YOU are, should be nailed down, sat on, kicked butt and be send out of your life, right?


So tell me. What are the things that hold you back? Send me a message if you don’t want to share in public and let me see how I can help you with that.

It can be literally ANYTHING. And let me promise you one thing. If I can’t fix it, we’ll try to find someone who can. For the very simple reason because you deserve that.

Find more about the program here. Contact me and let me help you. You deserve it, right?


Remember, there are so many others but there is only one you. Take care of you.

– Maurice

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