februari 12, 2017

The Day After

A day after the best day of this year (it hasn’t been my birthday yet!), things are starting to sink in. I was talking about abundance yesterday. And that still holds in some way. But there is also something else that I realized.

The whole motto of TED events are ‘sharing ideas worth spreading’ and that is exactly what happened. But not only for the event itself with all the great speakers, it also was happening in all the hours after the event.

Having the
pleasure to make this trip with two great men and friends of mine, Johann and Lawrence, initiator of the TEDx event and another speaker at the same event, we get to talk a lot with each other.

At the dinner and after-party yesterday with everyone of the crew, volunteers, coordinators, speakers, sponsors, we were all talking about the talks and ideas we heard, appreciated, and were inspired by, to think things through. Even at breakfast this morning, where we met some other participants and speakers, the ideas flew around the omelets and coffee. We went on a sightseeing today with the three of us, had an amazing time to relax in a beautiful spa and had a great traditional drink and meal at someone’s home. And we kept talking. Brainstorming. Creating. Being inspired. We even got in one of the protests that are going on now in Romania, where the ideas of the people are worth spreading as well, which was very inspiring by itself. And that all is so fulfilling. It’s the energy that keeps us growing to greater things than ‘just’ doing a talk.

That all makes this TEDx experience so much valuable. Yes, on YouTube it’s all about the talks itself, that inspire, motivate or push you in a certain direction. And that is great. I am very thankful and proud it was made possible to have my ideas on that same channel. But there is so much more to gain being actively involved in a TED event. That is indescribable more intense and valuable.

Although the ‘day-after’ is already over, the processing isn’t. We’ll use this momentum to build on to our future. Inspired by what my colleague speaker Raluca Medesan said in her talk, this experience is the context for me to grow myself. To learn and develop the future I am.

With great appreciation, respect and joy I put this weekend in my safe deposit box deep in my embodied memory.

“Let’s keep sharing ideas worth spreading”

– Maurice

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