februari 10, 2017

TEDx Transylvania

“Talking on a TED event is something special. Having been on stages for pretty much all my life in different ways, there are a couple of performances that were still on my bucket list. Royal Albert Hall, Carré (Amsterdam),  TED Talk.” – Maurice Zondag

So that’s a big ‘CHECK’ on that last one now. Never could have imagined it being an international event too. ‘DOUBLE CHECK’!

TEDx Târgu Mures in Transylvania, Romania is the event. How freakin’ awesome.

Today we (Lawrence Warry – friend and also speaker – and Johann Stan – friend and initiator of TEDxTârguMures and myself) spent most of the day traveling. We went on a tiny road trip from Leiden, The Netherlands to Dortmund, Germany, and jumped on a plane to Cluj Napoca, Romania. Vlad (we call him ‘The Count’) drove us to Târgu Mures, the place where the TEDx will be held tomorrow. In the middle of Transylvania. Hosted by Johann (‘The Great’).

It’s been quite an interesting day. Arrived at the hotel we all got together with speakers, organizers, sponsors and special guests at a local restaurant for some, I might say – awesome – traditional food and drinks I can’t remember the names of.

Meeting all these great people made me realize how lucky I am. It really makes you humble to see what these people have pulled off so far. It’s an honor to be part of this event. And it is just the start. Tomorrow will be the conference day. With 9+ performances it will be an inspiring day. A day to learn, absorb, enjoy and freak out (like 2 minutes before stage time) and get out of my comfort zone like public speaking always is to me for some reason. But on the other hand, I look so much forward to share my idea I find worth spreading.

If it helps anyone, that’s great. It has been my experience anyway. An experience I’m proud of getting. And looking forward to.

As I’m writing this in my hotel room, with a view over this beautiful town Targu Mures, looking at the full moon, being in Transylvania, makes me realize I’m happy. Happy to be here and able to do the things I do.

With your grateful love from Romania,

– Maurice

The talk will be recorded professionally and put online later, but we’ll try also to do a live streaming on facebook. It will be at 18:50 local time  (UTC +02:00). Keep an eye on the page: https://www.facebook.com/mauricezondagnl/

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