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We are all in search of our happiness. But we are all victims of our happiness and unhappiness.  Love, connecting to people, who you are as a man or woman, how you develop yourself, and how you find balance in life, is a skill you can learn. You will Master Your Personality. You are the one that makes the difference. Find and create your own happiness!

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Build on your employees so they build your business

You don’t build your business. You build on your people, so they will build your business. To create impact with your business, you have to have impact on your people. I will help you achieve the empowerement you need.

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Public Speaking Mastery

Public Speaking is one of our superpowers that will make you even more succesful than you already are. Here you learn how you can master the skills of public speaking, stage performance and networking/pitching!

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The 5 sources of happiness

We all find happiness in different parts of our live. The model“the 5 sources of happiness” can be used to determine your pieces of the puzzle – called life – that needs improvement. With the foundation of these 5 sources, anyone can learn how to find and create your own happienss.

You then have the capacity to find the answers to the big questions in life. What’s my purpose? What is my passion? What type of work fits best with me? How can I improve my social environment? What makes me happy?

The 5 sources are shown below.
Click on the ‘learn more’ to discover how I can help you learn the right skills so you can actually take control over your happiness and stop being a victim the things happening in your life. Stop living on autopilot, start living on YOUR terms!

Love, Dating & Relationships

Love is our purest need in life. How can you improve on your skills to find the love of your life? And in particular if you’re an introvert in this extroverted world? I am your dating coach that is not going to teach you some pick-up tricks, but let’s you make a genuin connection from your own strenghts. This is next level seduction!

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We create connections with others with communication. I can help you with that. Being a coach, an actor, director and international professional speaker I can teach you how you can make a connection to people in a social 1-on-1 situation, or as a public speaker to a large audience.

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Masculinity & Femininity

Who are you as a man, or as a woman? What is your masculine or feminine energy level? How do you balance the two? What defines you as a man or as a woman? Questions you need to answer yourself to find your true inner self and be happy with that!

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Personal Development

The world keeps changing all the time and so should you. Adapt to the world and find your own spot in there and you will feel happy. Every day.

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Search for Balance

We are in a constant state of searching for balance. It is never ‘done’. Once you think you have found it, something will happen that gets you off balance. How do you search for your balance?

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Take Back Control in your LIFE

You are the most important person in your life. So you need to be in control of your life as much as you can, so you can make the right decisions to lead your life the way YOU want to. Make that decision to TAKE control and persue your own happiness within your conditions! Learn more!

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Learn How To Be Happy On Your Terms (my TEDx talk)


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What Others Say

A Word From My Clients

“I contacted Maurice Zondag in order to improve my communication skills, body language and understand better how to become a happier individual. Of course a key objective was also to better communicate my intentions to women. Maurice can teach you immediately applicable techniques in all the above areas. His techniques have immediate impact and in a few days can be well mastered. I highly recommend Maurice Zondag as a personality coach.”


” My conversations with Maurice are very inspiring. He asks the right questions and shows you a mirror. From his own experience and based on a well-founded model he contributed to my personal growth. Not only the inspiration but the hands-on approach and putting it into practice is an aspect I find very important. The personal approach and one on one conversations proved very valuable for me.”



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