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Masterin' Seduction & Public Speaking

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Seduction Debunked

We all crave for love. But how do you find the love of your life, and once you have found him or her, how do you keep it interesting? I will teach you all there is to know about Love, Dating & Seduction!

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Public Speaking Debunked

Public Speaking is one of the few SUPER POWERS you can develop yourself. I will teach you all the trick ‘n traits there are so you will become a badass in public speaking yourself!

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Pick Your Favorite Topic And Let’s Get Started!

We run into different problems in our lives. So here is a menu from our ways to help you deal with them! Take your pick!

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The 5 Sources of Happiness

We all want to be happy, yet we’ve never learned HOW to create our own happiness. How to be open to see the chances you get every day to find and create your own happiness. Because remember, no one will make you happy, but yourself!

To learn how to be happy I’ve found 5 sources where you can find your happiness in. Explore all 5 to master your own happiness. 


Of course is Love one of the sources! We all want to get love and to give love. But how do you do that? In dating? In your relationship? To your kids? Your friends?


We are able to connect with others by using communication. By using effective communication, we can learn to create the best connections you ever felt. And that will certainly make you happy.


The world keeps changing all the time and so should you. Adapt to the world and find your own spot in there and you will feel happy. Every day.


Who are you as a man, or as a woman? What is your masculine or feminine energy level? How do you balance the two?  What defines you as a man or as a woman? Questions you need to answer yourself to find your true inner self and be happy with that!


We are in a constant state of searching for balance. It is never ‘done’. Once you think you have found it, something will happen that gets you off balance. How do you search for your balance? 

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What Others Say

A Word From My Clients

“I contacted Maurice Zondag in order to improve my communication skills, body language and understand better how to become a happier individual. Of course a key objective was also to better communicate my intentions to women. Maurice can teach you immediately applicable techniques in all the above areas. His techniques have immediate impact and in a few days can be well mastered. I highly recommend Maurice Zondag as a personality coach.”


” My conversations with Maurice are very inspiring. He asks the right questions and shows you a mirror. From his own experience and based on a well-founded model he contributed to my personal growth. Not only the inspiration but the hands-on approach and putting it into practice is an aspect I find very important. The personal approach and one on one conversations proved very valuable for me.”


Get your shit together in 7 weeks!



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VIP Seduction Program now open for the public

YES! After months of hard work, it has finally come to this point! The VIP Seduction Program just launched, and the gates are open to signing up! In this awesome[…]

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Wie Ben Jij training launched (Who Are You?)

We’ve recently launched the new training “Wie Ben Jij (Who Are You)?” A course in acting and personal development. Together with Jeske Visser-Boorsma I will start this training in September[…]

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30th June 2017 0

Mastery is not the challenge. The road to mastery is. Here is why.

The second edition of the Modern Warrior Meetup (MWM) – the spring edition – was a great success! Thanks to the inspiring story of Wilco den Brok, founder of PDTalks.[…]

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How to dress like a peacock

In The Netherlands, we have a saying which translates as ‘to dress up Easter best’. Probably coming from our Calvinistic history where we had to dress up before going to church[…]

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